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Be Proactive To Prevent COD Frauds

Up to 80% brands suffer from COD Fraud Orders which poses heavy losses. With Shipway, brands can Verify Risky Orders & be proactive.

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Take Smart Action to Prevent COD Frauds​
Analyze & Flag Suspicious Orders​
Analyze & Flag Suspicious Orders
Verify & Confirm Orders over OTP, IVR calls & WhatsApp
Verify & Confirm Orders over OTP, IVR calls & WhatsApp​
Convert COD Orders to Prepaid​
Convert COD Orders to Prepaid

Benefits of COD Fraud Prevention

Reduce Blocked Inventory​

Reduce Blocked Inventory

Reduce Reverse Logistics Costs​

Reduce Reverse Logistics Costs

Auto-detect Fraud & Risky Orders

Auto-detect Fraud & Risky Orders

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