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How Shipway helped Vilvah Store in cutting down its Operational Cost by 20%.

About Company

VilvahStore is a sustainable skincare brand, which makes skincare and hair-care goodies with a safe and effective performance formulation. It brings the right mix of agricultural produce, carrier oils, butter, and essential oils to nourish your skin by embracing their simple yet effective properties.


“Simplifying the order processing workflow & reducing the processing time”The main challenges which the Vilvahstore team had to tackle can be summed up as:
  • Scaling and simplifying the back-office operations.
  • The increase in the order processing time in the festive season and other holidays as the order volume increases.
  • Manual assigning of orders to multiple carriers, handling the back office accounting from multiple dashboards.
  • Keeping sync with the order updates and notifying the buyer at the same time.


Being integrated with 600+ courier partners worldwide, Shipway streamlines all the e-commerce back-office operations in one place.

Vilvah Store is now able to process 10 times more orders than before by:

  • Processing orders from multiple sales channels & marketplaces through fulfillment automation.
  • Generating Bulk GST complaint invoice and shipping label.
  • Reducing RTO percentage with automatic NDR (Non-Delivery) Follow-ups.
  • Streamlining eCommerce returns management.


The user-friendly and easy to use a panel of Shipway, on which anyone can easily start working without any delay or transition, has helped Vilvahstore :

  • Understood the importance of technology.
  • Cut down its operational cost by 20%.
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