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TruNativ’s 2-Day Order Delivery Transformation with Shipway

In conversation with Deepti Baria- Key Account Manager of Offline Retail and Online Retention, TruNativ.

Let's start with a brief introduction about yourself and the brand.

I handle the retention part for TruNativ, focusing on email, WhatsApp, and online sales. I also assist in operations and collaborate with our CEO and operations head. TruNativ started in 2019, with a mission to provide clean and pure nutrition to customers. We launched various nutrition, flavor, and protein products, and our team is constantly expanding. Our key differentiator is our unique cookable protein. We also have collaborations with renowned personalities like Imami and Kareena Kapoor, making this journey a remarkable one.

How do you differentiate TruNativ from competitors?

TruNativ stands out by offering clean, throwaway products. We were pioneers in introducing cookable protein, a concept untouched by other brands. We have both dairy and plant-based options. While competitors like Oziva have a strong presence, we're focused on gradually capturing the market while maintaining our unique image.

We faced challenges with customer acquisition, as we acquired many new customers who were not familiar with everyday protein, digestive fiber, or sugar replacers. This led to challenges, especially with COD orders. We also encountered operational hurdles, including managing returns and timely deliveries, and we wanted to provide a great post-purchase experience to boost customer retention.

How did you handle these challenges, especially in operations?

We experimented with different dashboards and courier aggregators but faced various issues. After seeking recommendations, we switched to Shipway, which simplified our operations. One of our significant issues was NDR and COD returns, but with Shipway's support, we got it under control. We also initiated COD confirmations on WhatsApp, offering discounts for switching to prepaid orders to reduce order rejections. Furthermore, with NDR management we could easily reschedule orders for customers and deliver them as per their availability. This also decreased our RTO rates as we targeted the customers at the right time as all NDRs are timely updated on the dashboard.

Did you notice improvements in shipping delivery time after shifting with Shipway?

Definitely. We faced issues with lost orders and extended delivery times with our previous vendor, which resulted in a poor customer experience. However, after adopting Shipway, we've been able to significantly reduce RTOs, and our delivery times have improved from 5-10 days to 1-2 days, enhancing our customers' experience.

How did the transformation from courier aggregators to individual courier contracts happen?

We decided to work with individual couriers, including BlueDart, Amazon Shipping, and more. Our focus was on choosing the best trade, and Pranav, our CEO, agreed that these were the right choices. We integrated these couriers under Shipway and can easily assign orders and manage the whole process under the Shipway dashboard.

What are the features of Shipway that you find most valuable?

We utilize Shipway's order processing & allocations, NDR, and tracking features extensively. Everything has been working seamlessly for us, and we appreciate the support we receive from the Shipway team.

What's the impact of Shipway's COD fraud detection feature on your operations?

We have around 70% COD orders. Shipway's COD fraud detection has been beneficial in identifying high-risk, medium-risk, and low-risk orders. This helps us filter out problematic orders, convert COD orders to prepaid ones so that customers don’t deny orders when they are delivered, and optimize our operational efficiency.

Results and Improvements:
  • Orders Processed: TruNativ now processes 100 to 150 orders daily.
  • RTO Percentage: The RTO percentage has significantly improved, dropping from a previous high of 40% to a current 20-25%.
  • Order Fulfillment: Delivery times have improved from 5-10 days to 2-3 days, leading to a more efficient order fulfillment process.
  • Customer Acquisition: The company’s efforts have resulted in a customer base with 70% new acquisitions and 30% repeat purchases.
  • Retention: The improved post-purchase experience and operational efficiency have increased customer retention from 15% to 30%.

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